‎‎The Law offices of Jonathan Klinger offer unique legal services for Internet and Information oriented businesses and persons. Among other services, comprehensive legal services are offered to Internet Businesses and Technology Companies, Including the registration of the Corporation, drafting of agreements between shareholders and employees, Term Sheet negotiations, negotiating agreements with customers and litigation.

Information-centric legal services, including reviewing open source licensing and use by application developers, consultation in regards to use of copyrighted material, writing of privacy policies, drafting end-user license agreements and terms of service are the frequent services provided by the office.

Jonathan Klinger is a bachelor of Law, Government, Diplomacy and Strategy and a Ph.D student at Bar-Ilan University. He teaches Computer Game Development Law at Beit Berl College and consults various non-profits in regards to information-centric legislation, privacy, copyright, information security, free speech, licensing and other matters.

You can contact Jonathan at info@jonathanklinger.com or call at +972-52-3436436.